Avoid the Back To School Chaos With These 10 Tips

Father Helps his kids with back-to-school homework

Starting a new school year will cause a big shift in your home. Mornings become a triathlon of wrangling your children, making yourself presentable, and cobbling together the most nutritious breakfast you can manage. Since nothing beats the rush of accomplishment you get from pulling it all off without a hitch, here are 10 tips to help you win at all of your back-to-school challenges.

Designate a Space as Your Family Command Center

Pick a convenient spot in your home to serve as your family’s command center. The best spot is one you pass on your way out of the door.  Add the following elements to your command center to reap all of its benefits:

  • Family Calendar – Post a family calendar in a highly visible place. Add important dates like appointments and due dates to keep everyone in the know.
  • Parent Inbox – Add a tray or bin that can serve as your parental inbox. Your kids can drop off any important documents that they need you to review or sign.
  • Backpack Hooks and Cubbies – To avoid having to hunt down your kids’ backpacks, add hooks or cubbies for them to place them in.
  • Post a Morning Checklist – Create a checklist to use each morning ensuring you have everything you need before you walk out of the door.

Create an After-School Station

You can make navigating the hours directly after school a breeze by creating an after-school station that has everything your children will need. With all of their needs met they are less likely to bombard you with requests.

  • Homework Station – Find a quiet space where your child will be able to focus and make sure they have all of the supplies they need.
  • After School Snacks – Make sure your kids have a bin or basket stocked with snacks in or near their homework station.

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Make Preparations for  the Things Can’t Control

There will be mornings you wake up late and evenings you spend stuck in traffic. You can minimize the impact of those days by making a few preparations:

  • Clean Out Closets and Dressers – A clean closet that isn’t filled with old clothes your kids can’t wear anymore will make it easier to put together an outfit quickly when the need arises.
  • Make An On-The-Go Car Kit – Put snacks for extended car rides, pens for signing missed documents, and money for forgotten lunches in your kit.
  • Create a Lunch Plan – Making a lunch plan for your kids before the school year starts will eliminate the need to scramble for it later in the year.
  • Start Meal Prepping – For nights that you are too tired to cook, prep meals that you can toss together with minimal effort.

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