Your Kitchen Will Benefit From These Butcher Block Boards

Woman chopping chard on cutting board by husband

Nothing says, “I love cooking,” quite like a butcher block. Buying and using a butcher block builds instant kitchen credibility, so you will have the respect of your fellow culinary artists. The question is which butcher block should you buy? Browse through the top butcher blocks and pick one for your kitchen.

Royal Craft Wood Thick Bamboo Cutting Board

Let’s start with a budget-friendly option courtesy of Royal Craft Wood. This cutting board is 1.2 inches thick, making it a lightweight option. The naturally antimicrobial cutting board is water-resistant, and you don’t have to worry about maintenance. If you’ve never had a butcher block before, this is a great starting point. You might want to get something more expensive down the line, but you can get lots of use out of this board.

Ironwood Gourmet Square Acacia Cutting Board

This cutting board might only be 1.25 inches thick, but it’s still quite durable. The manufacturer put non-slip rubberized feet to the bottom of the board, so it’s incredibly stable, and it’s gorgeous as well. If you’re tight on counter space but you want a cutting board, this is a nice option. You can use it to prepare delicious meals, and it will look great on your Instagram feed as well.

La Mongoose Extra Large Multipurpose Acacia Cutting Board

Do you consider yourself an ambitious cook? You use lots of ingredients, so you need ample space for prepping meals. At 20 inches by 14 inches, you will have plenty of room with this cutting board. It’s incredibly sturdy and can stand up to your sharpest knives. It can also catch food scraps while holding your ingredients in the hollowed-out bowl. There’s so much to love about this butcher block, especially if you enjoy preparing elaborate meals.

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John Boos Round Chopping Block

Do you want something functional that looks great on Instagram? Check out the John Boos Round Chopping Block. It’s made from sustainably sourced northern hard rock maple, and it looks absolutely stunning. The chopping block is 3 inches thick and 18 inches around. While it costs a bit more than the other cutting boards on this list, it will last a lifetime. In fact, you can pass this gorgeous chopping block down to family members. To make sure it lasts, invest in some board butter. Oil it regularly so that it will last for generations.

These butcher blocks will let you take your culinary skills to the next level. You can chop and prep your meals to your heart’s content, and you can even add some photos to your social media feed if you wish. Most importantly, you’ll earn a reputation as a serious cook once you grab one of these butcher blocks. Then, you’ll have even more confidence in the kitchen.

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