Save Big With The Honda College Grad Program

Happy woman driving her new car holding keyFor most, life after college can seem uncertain at times. One thing you’ll definitely need to land that perfect career-starting position, though, is a safe and reliable vehicle. That’s where the Honda College Grad Program comes in. 

A Pretty Sweet Deal

Honda realizes entering the real world of adulthood isn’t always easy. That’s why they’ve created a program that will save you money, by offering up to $500 off your purchase when you buy a new Honda. So, for those that are recent college grads, or are soon-to-be college grads, this is a great deal to take advantage of.

Student loans, landing a new job, and leasing your first apartment are just a few of the responsibilities that come after your graduation. Luckily, Honda is taking the stress of purchasing a vehicle out of the equation. With the Honda College Grad Program you can choose from several money-saving options to fit your unique financial situation. 

You even have the option to defer your first payment for 90 days. This is great for college grads still looking to land their new job. This option allows you to hold off on making payments until you are financially secure and ready.

The Honda College Grad Program also offers recent college grads, or soon-to-be college grads, a great way to build up credit for some of life’s biggest purchases. Whether it’s buying a home or qualifying for a loan, you’re going to need good credit. The Honda College Grad Program allows a new grad to slowly build up credit over time, and without breaking the bank.

In addition to deferred payments for 90 days, the Honda College Grad Program also offers flexible and competitive finance and lease packages. We get it, student loans can be a lot, that’s why the uniquely tailored finance plans allow you to continue to pay off student loans as well as low monthly payments.

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