Plan A Sunday Brunch At Jams

Jumbo french toast stuffed with bananas, roasted pecans and caramel on dark rustic background with negative space

On late Sunday mornings, there is nothing like grabbing brunch with your friends as you discuss the happenings from your week. While the ritual of meeting with your friends once a week is something you look forward to, the menu at most restaurants that offer brunch seem to be lacking. Do you really want to order the avocado toast again? For a restaurant that truly provides its patrons with a sumptuous brunch, you need to make reservations at Jams.

Get Us Started Coffee Cake

You will want to begin your brunch experience at Jams on a sweet note with the Get Us Started Coffee Cake. The Get Us Started Coffee Cake has a delectable fruit filling and brown sugar streusel topping that is complemented with Chantilly cream, raspberry sauce, and berries. This coffee cake is perfect to share with the entire table.

Jams Benedict

For a decadent brunch favorite, you need to order the Jams Benedict. This dish provides diners with poached eggs with an English muffin, sautéed spinach, and topped with a hollandaise sauce. You also have your choice of crab cakes, a braised short rib, or a grilled salmon filet.

Coconut Chicken & Waffles

If you want to order a Southern dish for brunch, then cannot go wrong with chicken & waffles. Jams offers this dish with a twist with its Coconut Chicken & Waffles. Jams’ famous coconut chicken is paired with pearl sugar Belgian waffles. The entrée is served with a tart raspberry sauce and eggs.

French Toast Options

Need to satisfy your sweet tooth at brunch? Order either French toast options at Jams. For a truly rich dish, you cannot go wrong ordering the Maple Bacon Frenchy. This French toast is filled with a peanut butter and banana cream cheese filling. The toast is paired with raspberry sauce, Chantilly cream, toasted almonds and walnuts, and fresh fruit. Looking for a French toast that offers a tarter and tangier flavor-profile? You will want to select the Berry Frenchy. The Berry Frenchy is filled with a tasty strawberry cream cheese filling and is complemented with Chantilly cream, toasted almonds and walnuts, a raspberry sauce, and fresh fruit.

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Make Reservations Today

When are ready to upgrade your Sunday brunches, visit Jams. Jams has three convenient locations in the Omaha area at Legacy on 171st & Center, Midtown on 78th & Dodge, and Old Market on 11th & Harney. Make reservations for you and your friends for brunch at Jams today.

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