Perfect Last-Minute Halloween Costume Ideas

Little kids at a Halloween party

Halloween is one of those holidays that always sneaks up on us. Lucky for you, there’s plenty of stuff laying around your house just itching to be used for a DIY costume. Instead of battling the retail crowds the week before you have to attend a costume party, try out one of these nifty last-minute costume ideas that are perfect for every procrastinator!


This super easy costume consists of items that almost anyone can find in their closet. Throw on a flannel under a pair of overalls or a pair of blue jeans. Pair the look with some work boots and a straw hat to tie in the farmer look. Place a piece of straw in your mouth and talk with a southern drawl to rally emphasize the look.

Rock Legend

It’s finally time to get those shiny 80’s clothes out of storage! Dressing up as a popular rock legend is easy as long as you can channel your inner star-power. Tease your hair with a whole can of hair spray and a comb. Mix and match materials such as leather, spandex and lots of denim. Complete the look with some brightly colored makeup and a guitar!


If you’ve traveled literally anywhere, you know exactly what the typical tourist looks like. Wear an oversized Hawaiian shirt and cargo shorts, throw on a pair of flip flops, and of course, a lei to look like someone on the trip of a lifetime. Carry around a camera taking pictures of all the other cool costumes all night to really tie in the act with the look.

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Queen Bee

If you have any sort of black and white striped clothing items, then you’re set for this costume. Add a crown to your head and you’re officially the queen bee! You can be fancy with this costume by wearing a dress and heels or you can keep it simple with a striped tee and sweatpants.

No matter if you like to go all out for Halloween or if you like to be a little more causal, this list of DIY costumes is sure to have something quick and simple that is perfect for you!

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