Fuel Your Morning At One Of These Omaha Coffee Shops

Coffee Art In Cup

Coffee sure has evolved over the years. Back in the old days, it was common to brew a pot at home and drink it there. Now, coffee is about the experience. People are ditching their coffee pots and going out for a cup. When you live in Omaha, you have lots of choices for locally-owned coffee shops. Check out some of the best the city has to offer.

Amateur Coffee

Amateur Coffee is a vegan coffee shop, a rare find in Omaha or the rest of the country. Plus, it’s dedicated to reducing waste, which is clear with its reusable jar program. Here’s how it works. You pay a $1 deposit for a reusable jar. Then you can bring it back for refills. If you end up with more jars than you need, bring the extras back for $1 off each on your beverages.

It’s important to know this is more than a vegan, environmentally friendly coffee shop. The owners know their stuff, and they have offerings for all tastes. The lattes are probably the most popular, but each drink is expertly made.

A Hill of Beans

A Hill of Beans’ motto is, “We are coffee geeks, but not coffee snobs.” That’s more than a snappy slogan. Everyone here is passionate about coffee, but they’ll never make you feel uncomfortable if you aren’t sure what to order. Instead, they use that passion to help you find the perfect beverage for your specific tastes. The coffees are made from freshly roasted beans and are so full of flavor that you’ll never want to make a cup at home again.

Accelerando Coffee House

Are you looking for a place to hang out while enjoying some top-notch coffee? If so, Accelerando Coffee House delivers. The owners went all out to create a comfortable atmosphere for people to gather, socialize, and work.

When it comes to their drinks, you can’t beat the old-school espressos here. There are a bunch of espresso options, including the Cortadito. Be sure to ask the staff for the story behind this specialty drink when you go.

Oh, and there’s one more thing to do when you visit. Be sure to grab a grilled cheese. With sourdough, Havarti, and sharp cheddar cheese, it’s a local favorite.

Archetype Coffee

You can also hang out and enjoy a beverage at Archetype Coffee. With ample seating and plenty of plug-ins, lots of people bring computers along to get some work done. This place also excels when it comes to espresso. Rich without tasting burnt, it hits the spot every time.

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Blue Line Coffee

You can’t help but love the vibe at Blue Line Coffee. It feels local through and through, and you’ll feel right at home. Some people have even compared it to the Central Perk from the TV show “Friends.” While it might have that Central Perk vibe, it doesn’t have New York prices. It’s surprisingly affordable and serves delicious coffee and baked goods. This is a must-visit.

You’re going to fall in love with each of these coffee shops. After visiting them all, you can pick a favorite and make it your go-to spot. Then it’ll feel like going home each time you visit.

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