Meal Prep Like A Pro With These Hacks

meal prep lunch boxesMeal prepping is all the rage in food trends these days. But what even is meal prepping? Essentially, it is cooking a whole lot of food all at once so that you can eat it throughout the week. If that sounds like something you are interested in, you’re in the right place! Save time and money in 2022 by meal prepping!

What To Cook

Meal prepping is great because it works for just about everyone! You can meal prep for just yourself or the whole family. There is also a world full of possibilities. You can make different options for grains, meats, and veggies so you can mix-and-match choices for each and every meal. Whole-grain foods such as pasta, rice, and beans are known for keeping well, and you can use meats, nuts/seeds, cheeses, whole fruits, and hearty vegetables to elevate the meal! You may want to avoid crispy, fried foods and light fruits and vegetables such as berries and lettuce because they do not last as long.

How Long Does The Food Last?

How long it will last is a super common question when it comes to meal prepping. The truth is, there is no one correct answer. Foods begin to slowly deteriorate as soon as they are put in the refrigerator. Of course, you are going to experience different time frames of “going bad” based on which foods you choose to cook, how you choose to store them, and how they are prepared. On average, meals last anywhere from 3-7 days!

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How To Start

Start small! Simply pack up your leftovers from dinner one night and eat them for lunch the next day. Do this for a while so you can start to figure out what works well leftover. Once you have a few options that you like, start cooking slightly bigger batches. After that, you can double, triple, or even quadruple servings of every meal! Meal prepping isn’t difficult to do; it just takes dedication!

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