Refresh Your Rooms With New Hardware

Bright modern hall with a horizontal poster above the wooden dresser, next to a potted plant, with a doorway overlooking the living room. Front view.

Furniture is expensive to replace, so you don’t want to buy new items just because your current look is out of style. You can change up the look for much less by painting the furniture and replacing the hardware. When you take on the project, you can choose a paint color and hardware that reflects your style. Get the details so you can upgrade your furniture today.

Prepare the Furniture

First, you need to prepare your furniture for painting. Remove the drawers so you can easily paint them and the rest of the furniture. Make sure you put them back in order by putting a sticky note with a number on the back of each drawer.

Once you take out the drawers, use a screwdriver to remove the hardware. Drill holes for the new hardware, creating a starter hole first and then a larger hole. Cover the holes inside the drawer with the painter’s tape, and then fill out the outside holes with a wood filler. The wood filler typically shrinks when it dries, so you might need to add more. Then let that dry and add some more if it shrinks again.

Then sand the wood filler down with 100 grit sandpaper. You might end up with a dip after you finish sanding. If that happens, add more wood filler and sand it down again.

Paint the Furniture

Once your furniture is prepared, you can paint it. The paint should glide right over the freshly filled holes. You shouldn’t even notice that you used wood filler after you finish painting the drawers.

Swap Out the Furniture Hardware

After the paint dries, you’ll be ready to install the new furniture hardware. Just use a screwdriver to secure the hardware in place and then test it. The hardware should be stable and allow you to open and close the drawers with ease.

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Choosing Hardware

The hardest part of this project is honestly choosing the hardware. Hardware is so transformative that you want to take your time and pick suitable materials. You can find hardware at flea markets, as well as hobby shops. Home good stores also carry hardware. When you find something that you like, look it up online. Go through the pictures to get a better idea of what you can expect when installing it on your furniture. This will help you determine if it’s the right choice for your furniture.

This simple DIY project will help you extend the longevity of your furniture. By updating the look, you can wait longer to replace it. Then you can use the money you save on something fun.

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