Relax With A Cuppa Tea From The Tea Smith

There’s no better way to sit back and relax than with a cup of hot tea from The Tea Smith. This quaint little tea shop opened its doors in 2004 to share its knowledge and love for tea with its neighbors in Omaha. The idea for The Tea Smith began in Japan after observing the honor and tradition surrounding tea.

The Tea Smith boasts of a range of teas, including bubble tea, fruit-tea smoothies, and much more. Feel free to drop by The Tea Smith and experience and explore all it has to offer.

About The Tea Smith

The tea shop is inspired by the owners’ love for tea. Before opening their shop, they were frustrated by the difficulty of finding quality tea. Also, how hard it was for people to learn tea’s history, properties, and preparation. So, they decided to open a tea shop that emulated Old World craftsmanship! That way, they could be the ones to help guide people through the discovery and enjoyment of tea.

Recommended Teas

The Tea Smith says that the best way to find teas that suit your tastes is to figure out what kind of foods you like! Spices and flavors play a big role in the type of tea that you will enjoy, and they mirror common elements in food. For example, if you enjoy spicy foods, you should try chai.

If you like more mellow flavors, a Chinese green is the way to go. You can also try Assams (hearty and malty), Sencha (fresh and sharp), and even Darjeelings (complex flavor profile). You can also base your preferred tea on the time of day. People usually enjoy a strong flavor in the morning and a light tea to round out the day.

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Visit The Tea Smith Today

Feel free to reach out to The Tea Smith today if you have any questions. You can reach the shop at (877) 330-7033 or by visiting in person at 245 N 78th St., Omaha, NE, 68114. The Tea Smith is open seven days a week to best assist you.

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