What Are the Top Honda Vehicles for Teen Drivers

Honda Vehicles for Teen Drivers Omaha

It is natural to worry about your teen when they first start driving, but choosing the right vehicle can minimize your concern. You obviously want to choose a vehicle with great safety ratings, but you need to do more than just this to give your teen the best chance of successfully learning to drive responsibly.

What to Look for

Before getting into the best Hondas for teen drivers, it helps to know what exactly you are looking for. Experts suggest that you avoid giving teens access to high horsepower, as this may tempt them to see what their car can do, putting them at risk. Heavier, larger vehicles also tend to be safer since they will hold up better if a crash does occur. Always choose a vehicle for your teen that has electronic stability control, as it ensures the driver is in control on slippery roads and curves, reducing the risk of an accident. Don’t forget to look at safety ratings and choose a model with the best possible ratings you can afford.

Honda Accord

Now that you know what you are looking for, you can start your search with the Honda Accord. To make sure that it is safe and has the most important features, opt for an Accord Sedan from 2012 or newer, or an Accord Coupe from 2013 or newer.

Honda Crosstour

If you choose to let your teen stay safe with the Honda Crosstour, be sure to opt for a 2013 model or newer, which should still give you plenty of affordable options.

Honda CR-V

If you prefer your teen to be driving an SUV, he or she will be fine in the Honda CR-V, as well. To get the safest possible version, make sure you get a 2012 CR-V or newer model. This model also has the advantage of versatility and a higher ride height.

Honda Element

The Element may not be in production anymore, but experts say that the 2007 to 2011 model years of this vehicle are ready to keep your teen safe.

Honda Odyssey

If you have a large family, you will be happy to know that the Honda Odyssey from 2011 and later is great for teen drivers. Now you can let your teen take the wheel on the next family road trip.

Honda Pilot

The Honda Pilot is among the largest vehicles recommended for teen drivers. This midsize SUV is perfect for your teen getting used to the feel of a bigger vehicle and can get him or her on the way to helping with the carpool. Just pick the 2012 model or newer.

The team at O’Daniel Honda in Omaha, Nebraska, can help you find any of these Honda vehicles so your teen can start driving without you worrying excessively.

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