Plan A Sunday Brunch At Jams

Jumbo french toast stuffed with bananas, roasted pecans and caramel on dark rustic background with negative space
On late Sunday mornings, there is nothing like grabbing brunch with your friends as you discuss the happenings from your week. While the ritual of meeting with your friends once a week is something you look forward to, the menu at most restaurants that offer brunch seem to be lacking.... [read more]

Make Your Own Christmas Ornaments

One of the most iconic symbols of the holiday season is your Christmas tree. It radiates with beauty, donning lights, garland, a topper - whatever you choose for yours. And of course, the finishing touch is your ornaments. Many of yours may be store-bought, souvenirs, or arts & crafts, but... [read more]

Grab A Slice At Jack’s Place

Nothing pleases a crowd quite like pizza. It's delicious, tasty, and delicious. When you find a local joint that makes a great pie, well, it's a wonderful thing. That's why you should grab a slice at Jack's Place in Elkhorn, Nebraska - right here near Omaha. You Can't Please Everyone, You're... [read more]

Get Your Battery Checked This Season

A lot of people give very little thought to their car's battery. Those are the kinds of people who walk out of the house one morning to find that their car won't crank because the battery's dead. You can ensure that your car's battery has a long and healthy life... [read more]

Throw The Perfect Friendsgiving

For people who have family that live out of state and won’t be able to visit for Thanksgiving, a Friendsgiving can be the perfect solution to celebrating this fun holiday with loved ones. After all, friends are the family you choose. If you want to throw a Friendsgiving this year,... [read more]

Easy DIYs To Bring Fall Inside

Mother and daughter make autumn decoration at home
This season brings the outdoors in with fall DIYs. Be inspired by nature, the textures, colors, and smells to create a cozy and inviting home. To get started, Prudent Penny Pincher presents fall DIYs that will make you wish autumn will never end. Be inspired by fall and by all... [read more]

How To Get Out Those Tough Stains

A woman compares two white shirts before and after washing. The girl is holding one blouse, clean and ironed, and the other, dirty with coffee stains
Everything from baby formula to barbeque sauce can ruin a nice piece of clothing if the stain isn't cared for properly. If you've ever had to retire a favorite shirt, dress, or pair of pants due to a stain you couldn't get out, you'll appreciate this list of stain removal... [read more]

Deliciously Fun Cupcakes

Woman making cupcakes
Halloween is upon us. But candy doesn't have to be the only sweet treat you enjoy this time of year. These deliciously fun cupcakes are scary good. So bake up a few for your family and friends. Cupcake Benefits There are actually quite a few reasons why you should stock your home... [read more]

Find True Italian Food At Pasta Amore

Fettucini Alfredo macro.
The Renaissance. It was a time of great innovation in world history, and the epicenter of it all began in the heart of Italy. Scientific breakthroughs. Enduring art. And novel inventions. So, it's no surprise that some of the tastiest food on earth also comes from Italy. Lucky for those... [read more]

Biggest Reasons For A Dead Battery

Auto mechanic checking car battery voltage
We've all been there: You hop in the car and go to crank it up, and ... nothing. The battery is dead. It's a frustrating moment, for sure. Now you have to decide whether your battery can be jumped, or if you need to bite the bullet and replace it.... [read more]