What Will the Upcoming Honda Civic Hatchback Look Like?

Honda Civic Hatchback Omaha
Visit your local Honda dealership to get a better idea of what to expect from the upcoming Honda Civic Hatchback. In recent years, Omaha drivers have been used to just having a Civic sedan and coupe to choose from, but when Honda announced the hatchback would be making a return,... [read more]

Who Will Love the Honda HR-V Crossover?

Honda HR-V Omaha
Look at the Honda HR-V crossover, and you will see a versatile vehicle that can appeal to nearly any Omaha resident. Whether you are a single person who wants the cargo space and handling of a crossover or a parent who needs room for your children, the HR-V will fit... [read more]

Never Get Stuck Thanks to Honda Roadside Assistance

Honda Roadside Assistance Omaha
Take advantage of Honda’s complimentary roadside assistance and never worry about being stranded again. When you buy a Honda vehicle from O'Daniel Honda, you get access to 24-hour roadside assistance on all your drives within the United States, Puerto Rico, and Canada. This service lasts throughout the entire 36,000-mile/3-year warranty... [read more]

Personalize Your 2017 Honda Ridgeline with Genuine Accessories

2017 Honda Ridgeline Accessories Omaha
Get behind the Honda Ridgeline, and you will already stand out from other pickup drivers in Omaha thanks to the vehicle’s unique design and wide truck bed. You can further personalize your Ridgeline with various options and packages, including a range of exterior colors. For even more customization, Honda recently... [read more]

Connect Your 2016 Honda Pilot’s Bluetooth | Omaha

2016 Honda Pilot Interior
Connect Your 2016 Honda Pilot’s Bluetooth The 2016 Honda Pilot helps you stay connected with Bluetooth technology. Here’s how you can pair your compatible smartphone to your Pilot using Bluetooth. Go to Settings on the Display Audio touchscreen. Select Phone. Go to Bluetooth Device List. Press “Add Bluetooth Device” Make sure... [read more]

Honda and Diversity Go Hand in Hand

Honda Diversity Omaha
Become part of the diverse Honda community to enjoy a welcoming atmosphere for owners and employees alike. Throughout its history, Honda has worked to be involved in the community, including supporting minority groups. These efforts have been recognized with four different diversity awards recently. The Diversity Volume Leadership Awards The Diversity Volume... [read more]

Everything You Need to Know about the Honda Clarity Fuel Cell Vehicle

Clarity Fuel Cell Vehicle Omaha
Learn more about the Honda Clarity Fuel Cell Vehicle, and you will be anxious for hydrogen fuel technology to make its way to Omaha. The Clarity Fuel Cell Vehicle is Honda’s contribution to the growing number of hydrogen-powered vehicles on the market. Because it runs on hydrogen, you can enjoy... [read more]

2016 Honda CR-V: Keeping Your Family Safe

2016 Honda CR-V Omaha
Search for the best well-rounded family vehicle for driving around Omaha, and you will have to consider the 2016 Honda CR-V. This small SUV is consistently among the most popular models in its class and has the official safety ratings to back it up. 2016 Honda CR-V Top Safety Ratings To say... [read more]

Meet Honda’s Advanced Driving Technology

Honda Technology Omaha
Look at the list of Honda innovations, and you will notice that a great deal of it has to do with driving technology. Between advanced driver-assistive features, safety features, and work toward a self-driving vehicle, Honda has made advances in every aspect of driving technology. Driving-Assistive and Safety Features Most Omaha drivers... [read more]

The Honda Road Readers Program Is a Perfect Road Trip Companion

Honda Road Readers Omaha
Encourage your family to read more or at least listen to audiobooks with the Honda Road Readers program. The automaker recognizes that the typical family spends around four hours in the car each week and wants you to make the most of this time. With the help of the Road... [read more]