Honda Civic Sends UNO Students Back to School

University of Nebraska Omaha Maverick
Backpack? Check. Laptop? Check. Textbooks? Check. Honda Civic? One of the most important items on your back-to-school checklist is what car you’re going to take to class. The 2015 Honda Civic, available at O’Daniel Honda in Omaha, is the perfect car for University of Nebraska Omaha students. Students in cities constantly encounter... [read more]

Honda Accord EX-L: Omaha’s Most Popular Model

2015 Honda Accord
The Honda Accord is one of the most popular sedans in America, and it has been a top-selling model for almost 30 years. With multiple trims to select from, the Accord offers something for everyone, but the EX-L is the most popular model in Omaha.   The EX-L Differences There are a total... [read more]

Make a Connection with HondaLink

Your smartphone is many things: your music player, your weather forecaster, your navigator, and your day planner. Your phone can find you a great restaurant, but it can’t drive you there: That’s what your Honda is for. Wouldn’t life be swell if you could combine the two? That’s where HondaLink... [read more]

2015 Honda CR-V vs. 2015 Nissan Rogue: What’s the Difference?

2015 Honda CR-V vs. 2015 Nissan Rogue
The 2015 Honda CR-V is the efficient, roomy, safe crossover that has everyone talking. As Motor Trend’s 2015 SUV of the Year, the 2015 CR-V outpaced, out-featured, and out-shone dozens of competitors, including the 2015 Nissan Rogue. In close comparison, one can see how the 2015 CR-V, available at O'Daniel... [read more]

Nebraska Summer Festivals in Your Honda Pilot

Nebraska Balloon and Wine Festival
Summertime in Omaha puts you in the center of many festivals celebrating local culture, music, and food. Take some time to have fun and make memories this season, and do it in the comfort of the 2015 Honda Pilot from O’Daniel Honda in Omaha. Nebraska Balloon and Wine Festival The only thing... [read more]

The Honda HR-V Has Arrived in Omaha

2016 Honda HR-V
The newest member of the Honda family is home at last. The long-awaited and all-new 2016 Honda HR-V is at O’Daniel Honda in Omaha as of May 15, 2015. Take a look at what makes the 2016 HR-V the most exciting new vehicle on the streets. A 141-hp In-Line 4-Cylinder engine... [read more]

2016 Honda HR-V Trims: LX vs EX vs EX-L

Honda HR-V Omaham
The brand new 2016 Honda HR-V, now available at O'Daniel Honda in Omaha, NE, comes in three trim options. The trim options range from the base and most affordable LX, the comfortable midrange EX or the top of the line EX-L - which includes navigation. So which HR-V is right... [read more]

Accord and Civic Top Choices For Young Drivers

The Honda Accord and Honda Civic - both available at O'Daniel Honda in Omaha, NE, have been the two best selling cars with under 35 drivers over the past 11 years. These top selling cars for millennials was determined according to Honda analysis of cumulative registration data from IHS Automotive.1... [read more]

Honda AWD and 4×4 Models: Perfect for Omaha

Honda AWD and 4x4
Drivers in Omaha need a tough vehicle that can handle all weather conditions, whether sunny summer weather, rain, or winter snow. Honda vehicles with AWD and 4x4 are the perfect solution, as they offer power and performance to get through even the worst blizzards. Honda Crosstour The Honda Crosstour is the popular... [read more]