Creative Ways to Use Your SUV

Honda SUV Omaha
SUVs like the Honda CR-V and Pilot are some of the most popular vehicles on the market for their extreme versatility. Most people think of an SUV as a way to carry your family or friends around town, and large vehicles like the Pilot excel at this, fitting eight passengers.... [read more]

Crosstour vs Insight

Honda Crosstour Insight Nebraska
If you find yourself searching for the right Honda hatchback for you and your family to enjoy when driving around Nebraska, then you are likely to wonder whether the Honda Crosstour or Insight is right for you. Although they have similar body structures, the Insight... [read more]

Maintenance Schedule for Your Honda Civic

Maintenance Schedule Honda Civic Omaha
To get the most out of your Honda Civic, you need to stay on top of routine maintenance. This includes simple tasks, such as changing the engine oil and filter, as well as more complicated ones, such as inspecting the battery. No matter the maintenance you need, a qualified mechanic... [read more]

Must-Know Tips for DIY Honda Maintenance

DIY Honda Maintenance Omaha
You can save a great deal of money when maintaining your Honda by doing some of the simple tasks yourself. In order to save with this method, however, you need to know what you are doing, so here are a few tips to follow. Each of these is essential if... [read more]

What Makes the Civic Si Special?

Civic Si Omaha
If you decide that you want to drive a Honda Civic around Omaha, you will find yourself with numerous options. There is the Civic Sedan and Coupe, the Civic Si Sedan and Coupe, the Hybrid version, the HF model, and the Natural Gas one. With so many choices, you may... [read more]

Comparing Trim Levels: 2015 Honda Odyssey LX vs. EX

2015 Honda Odyssey Dark Cherry Pearl
Two of the most popular models of the 2015 Honda Odyssey, LX and EX, share many of the same qualities. They run on the same engine (248-hp V6), get the same EPA-estimated gas mileage (19/28 mpg*), and offer the same excellent cargo volume (up to 148.5 cu ft). The differences... [read more]

Honda HR-V vs. Honda CR-V: What’s the Difference?

2016 Honda HR-V vs. 2015 Honda CR-V
By now you’ve probably heard of the hottest new crossover on the market: the 2016 Honda HR-V. The 2016 HR-V complements the already-impressive family of Honda utility vehicles, including the Fit, the Pilot, and the beloved CR-V. Comparing the HR-V to the CR-V shows that these two crossovers both deliver... [read more]

Honda Civic Sends UNO Students Back to School

University of Nebraska Omaha Maverick
Backpack? Check. Laptop? Check. Textbooks? Check. Honda Civic? One of the most important items on your back-to-school checklist is what car you’re going to take to class. The 2015 Honda Civic, available at O’Daniel Honda in Omaha, is the perfect car for University of Nebraska Omaha students. Students in cities constantly encounter... [read more]

Honda Accord EX-L: Omaha’s Most Popular Model

2015 Honda Accord
The Honda Accord is one of the most popular sedans in America, and it has been a top-selling model for almost 30 years. With multiple trims to select from, the Accord offers something for everyone, but the EX-L is the most popular model in Omaha.   The EX-L Differences There are a total... [read more]

Make a Connection with HondaLink

Your smartphone is many things: your music player, your weather forecaster, your navigator, and your day planner. Your phone can find you a great restaurant, but it can’t drive you there: That’s what your Honda is for. Wouldn’t life be swell if you could combine the two? That’s where HondaLink... [read more]